Don't Panic, This is the Way to Overcome Head Lice in Children

If Mother considers head lice to be related to social status or lack of hygiene, then that is not quite right. Hair that is clean and washed often can be targeted by head lice. So it is not uncommon, Mother felt surprised when she found head lice in Little. Hair lice are parasitic insects that have six legs of an adult size, about the size of a sesame seed. These lice live on the scalp and neck by sucking human blood at these locations. Whereas lice eggs are pale yellow or brown dots, usually stick near the base of strands of hair. At first glance looks like dandruff, but can not be broken just by combing. Contagious Although it does not cause serious illness, head lice are very disturbing and can be easily transmitted to other people's heads. Head lice are more spread among children, especially in kindergarten (kindergarten) and elementary school age. Therefore, these age children play more together close together, so it is more likely to occur hair contact. In addition, pa
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